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15 Best Kenya Safari Lodges

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When tourist travel Kenya, they think about the Masai Mara and Tsavo National Park. However, they forget to plan their stay, resulting in stomach aches and a lousy safari experience. Your Kenya safari will only be memorable if you stay in a safe and secure environment. For this reason, we have created this guide on the best Kenya safari lodges in the country.

To do this, we will review famous luxury Kenya safari lodges to help you decide the best. We will start the review with famous Kenya safari lodges in Masai Mara.

Kenya safari lodges Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is a great holiday opportunity for tourists wanting to see the great wildebeest migration. The Masai Mara is home to the Big Five and is ideal for adventure travel because it offers plenty of activities. However, some of these activities are directly linked to the safari Lodge you stay in. 

Luxury camps in Masai Mara offer fun activities such as hot air Balloon rides and close-up wildlife photography. 5 star lodges in Masai Mara also offer exotic dishes from the best African chefs.

The best time to visit Masai Mara for migration is July, when the wildebeest migration begins. The migration peaks in August and ends in November. 

So which are some of the five-star lodges in Masai Mara?

1. Sand River Masai Mara

One of the most luxurious Masai Mara lodges in Kenya is the Sand River, Masai Mara. The lodge is located within the Masai Mara national reserve, close to the Serengeti National Park. Sand River Masai Mara has 16 tented accommodations, with each area having its dining and private space. 

The lodge is famous for its well-crafted interior designs, first-class services, and strategic location. This luxury Masai Mara Lodge is located on the migratory route, meaning that guests can watch the wildebeest migration from the comfort of their tent. 

Activities offered at the lodge

This luxurious lodge offers the following activities:

  • Hot air balloon safaris
  • Bush meals and Sanddowners
  • Visit local schools and communities 
  • Swimming
  • Shared and private game drives.

Sand River Masai Mara charges $1500 – $4,500 a night, depending on the season and activities.

2. Olare Mara Kempinski  


Another luxury Masai Mara safari lodge worth mentioning is the Olare Mara Kempinski lodge. This luxurious five-star tented camp is located in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. Each luxury tent has its dressing room, viewing deck, lounge, bathroom, and spacious bedroom. In addition, tents overlook the hippo pools of the Ntiakitiak river.

Another good thing about the Olare Mara Kempinski lodge is that tourists hear the magical cough of pride lions in the distance at night. Also, the place has high-speed wifi.

Activities offered at the Olare Mara Kempinski

The lodge offers several activities, such as

  • In-tent massage services
  • Balloon safaris
  • Guided walks in the park
  • Ornithological tours
  • Sundeck and swimming
  • Day and night game drives
  • Cultural visits
  • Bush breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

Olare Mara Kempinski charges $700 – $1850 depending on the season and preferred activities.

3. Mara Intrepid

Mara intrepid is located in the middle of the four viewing areas of the Masai Mara. It is ideal for a luxury Masai Mara safari because it has an airstrip 3 minutes away from the camp. The lodge also has a kids club, ideal for wildlife education and cultural tours. Mara Intrepid has four types of accommodation, ranging from single luxury tents to twin tents.

Luxury twin tents have 150cm x 190 cm queen-sized beds and sit on a shady raised platform facing the Talek river. 

Activities offered at Mara Intrepid

  • Photographic safaris
  • A kids club
  • Air balloon safari
  • Bush dining
  • Sundowner

Mara Intrepid charges $800 – $1500 daily, depending on the season.

4. Cottars Camp

Cottars camp is a luxurious camp that borders the Masai Mara. It was first established in 1920 and has two honeymoon and three family tents. All tents are private and child friendly. The camp has two main mess tents for fine dining, relaxing, and drinking. In addition, tourists in Kenya can enjoy a traditional canvas safari bath.

Activities offered at the cottars camp

Activities at Cottars camp are geared towards offering an authentic African Safari experince with maximum privacy. These activities include

  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Fishing at a local waterfall
  • Photography experince
  • Star gazing experience
  • Game drives
  • Maasai warrior dancing and song experiences
  • Safari walks with Maasai warriors
  • Traditional canvas bush baths
  • Coffee tasting experience
  • Kids entomology safari

Cottar’s camp charges $1800 – $3,600 daily, depending on the season and preferred activities.

Other Kenya safari lodges and hotels

Apart from the lodges in the Masai Mara, there are other luxury Kenya safari lodges and hotels in the country. One is the Ngulia safari lodge, built in the Tsavo West National Park. 

5. Ngulia safari lodge

Ngulia safari lodge is in the world’s largest park, the Tsavo West National Park. The lodge has a perfect view of Mount Kilimanjaro, and its serene atmosphere makes it ideal for team building, educational getaways, and retreats. Ngulia safari lodge has 52 rooms and an open-air kitchen with international chefs.

Activities offered at the Ngulia safari lodge

Ngulia safari lodge offers several activities, such as

  • Sundowner dinners
  • Bush breakfasts
  • Swimming
  • Massage 
  • Bird viewing
  • Leopard tracking
  • Rhino tracking

Ngulia safari lodge charges $130 – $400 a day.

6. Voi safari lodge

This Voi wildlife lodge has been rated as one of Kenya’s most innovatively designed lodges. It is strategically located near a water hole, making it easy for tourists in Kenya to see wild animals quenching their thirst. The lodge is also a stopover point for tourists transiting to coastal towns.

Activities offered at Voi safari lodge are

  • Swimming while overlooking the park
  • Photography in an underground photo hide
  • Games drive to see elephants covered in red dust
  • Sundowner dinners on the Mudada rock, which towers over a natural dam
  • Adventure travel to the Lugard falls {Rapids created by the Galana River}
  • Adventure travel to the longest lava flow in the world {Yattaa Plateau}
  • Acrobatic shows
  • Traditional dances

The daily accommodation rate is $150 – $400, depending on preferred activities


Finch Hattons is a luxury tented camp in the Tsavo West National park. It is strategically located in the park because luxury tourists can see Mount Kilimanjaro in the West and the Chyulu hills on the Northwest side of the park. It has 17 tents located within 35 acres of concession land. 

Finch Hattons is a child-friendly lodge because it has child-friendly activities such as bush survival skills, cooking and tracking skills. Luxury travelers can try out the presidential suite to taste true luxury.

Activities offered at the lodge

  • Wellness retreat at the Chyulu wellness spa
  • Business safari and meetings
  • Honeymoon, wedding, and birthday experience
  • Bush breakfasts and picnics
  • Sundowners in the wild

Finch Hatton’s daily rates range from $1500 – $4,500, depending on the preferred activities and season. 

Luxury tourists in Kenya can hire the entire camp for $27,500 – $37,000 a day.

8. Elsa’s Kopje Meru

This luxurious lodge is located in the Mughwango Hills in the Meru National Park. It has large bedrooms with an open sitting room, designed to give you breathtaking views of the Meru National Park. The lodge boasts a vast plain of more than 215,000 acres.  

The Meru National Park is Recognised as a rhino sanctuary and a haven for Lions, hippos, and elephants. The park is also home to leopards, cheetahs, and wild birds. The main activity carried out by the lodge is game drives. The game vehicle has enhanced features designed to offer an unrivaled photographic experience.

Activities offered by Elsa’s Kopje Lodge in Meru

Apart from Game drives, the lodge also offers activities such as 

  • Rhino tracking {The Meru National park has more than 70 rhinos making it a game drive challenge to spot one}
  • Guided walks in the park
  • River fishing to catch species such as barbell, tilapia, and catfish
  • Swimming
  • Bush breakfast and sundowners
  • Massages
  • Honeymoons
  • Weddings

Staying at Elsa’s Kopje Lodge will cost $1800 – $4000 daily, depending on your desired game package and season.

9. Elephant Bedroom Camp in Samburu National Reserve

Elephant Bedroom camp is one of the few luxurious tented camps in the Samburu National reserve. The camp is located along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, and Doum palm trees shade the entire camp. The lodge has 14 spacious tents that have a rustic and African touch. Each tent has a private plunge pool, electricity, hot shower, and great wilderness views.

Luxury tourists visit the Samburu National Reserve to have an intimate experience with nature and interact with animals such as Elephants, Monkeys, Lions, Impalas, and cheetahs. Elephant Bedroom Camp offers private meals to guests, WIFI, and continental-style cuisine.

Activities offered at Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu

Elephant Bedroom Camp has lots to offer for tourists, such as daily game drives in search of lions and elephants. Other activities are

  • Guided bush walks
  • Picnic lunches
  • Drives with a 4WD open-sided safari vehicles
  • Cultural visits to local communities
  • Dance and song entertainment by Samburu warriors
  • Sundowner
  • Lectures on traditional medicinal plants
  • Lectures on Samburuculture
  • Bush breakfast/dinners
  • Swimming

The daily cost of staying at the elephant bedroom camp is $2000 – $3000, depending on the activities and season.

10. Elewana Loisaba Star Beds Lodge – Laikipia

This luxury lodge offers an authentic and luxurious experience. It is located in the Loisaba conservancy, owned by the Loisaba community trust. The lodges are silver eco-rated and consist of four hand-crafted wooden beds that give strategic views of water holes frequented by wild animals.

The best way to go to the Loisaba star bed lodge is by using a chartered flight, or if you are in Nairobi, a safari link flight will do. A luxury 4 x4 safari vehicle will do if you have multiple stopovers.

Activities offered at the Loisaba Star Beds Lodge

This luxury lodge is suitable for adventure travelers or tourists looking to enjoy themselves without limitations. The lodge offers the following activities

  • Wilderness adventure to track and see some of the big five
  • Early morning and late night game drives
  • Fishing {Seasonal activity}
  • Horse riding past elephants, giraffes, and other wild animals
  • Conservancy walks with Samburu warriors and guides
  • Safari experience on camels
  • Bike riding
  • Spend time with the Loisaba conservancy anti-poaching unit

Full board prices at the Loisaba Star Bed lodge range from $1000 – $1500. The lodge closes during the green season, from 1st April to 31st May.

11. Ekorian’s Mugie camp in Laikipia 

The lodge was opened in 2012 at the Mugie Conservancy in Laikipia North. It has well-built furniture, a golf course, a dining area, and a lounge. The camp is also known for having world-class chefs and exemplary service. 

Ekorian’s camp also has a silver eco-tourism rating, which means it incorporates sustainability and environmental conscientiousness in its design and management. The lodge has a program called “All About You, Honey,” which encourages communities to be aware of their surroundings to conserve bees.

The Lodge also has a program that involves saving cheetahs and protecting them from human-wildlife conflicts. The cheetahs in the conservancy are fitted with neck collars to monitor their movements and gather scientific data.

Activities at the Ekorian camp in Laikipia

Some of the activities offered at the camp include 

  • Wildlife drives
  • Swimming
  • Bird watching
  • Kayaking
  • Golf
  • Cultural tours
  • Cheetah tracking
  • Bush meals
  • Camel rides
  • Fishing at the Mugie dam

 The daily accommodation cost at Ekorian lodge is $1650 – $2,300, depending on preferred activities.

12. The Sands Chale Island – Private Island Escape

The Sands at Chale island is one of the few private island escapes in the country. The sands boast chic coastal accommodations with a wide range of exotic dishes from the continent. The Island has plenty of wildlife, such as two troops of Colobus monkeys and birds. The private Island is also home to green turtles that use the beach as a nesting ground.

The Island is suitable for a Mombasa safari because travelers experience the beauty of marine life. If your timing is right, you will see migratory whales and dolphins.

Activities offered at Chale Island 

Chale Island has plenty of activities for luxury travelers, such as

  • Spa and well-being
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Sundowner and the Mkoko beach 
  • Scuba diving 
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking around the Island
  • Mangrove safari tour
  • A tour of the Marine center and Colobus conservation site

The accommodation cost will depend on your chosen suit and preferred activities. Chale Island prices range between $700 – $1500 daily.

13. Giraffe Manor

The giraffe manor is a luxurious hotel in Nairobi. The hotel is set on a 12 acres piece of private land surrounded by 140 acres of indigenous forest. The Giraffe Manor was built in the 1930s and is known for its verdant green gardens and delightful courtyards.

The hotel is unique because visitors can interact with Rothschild’s giraffes which visit in the morning and evening. It is not unusual for the giraffes to poke their long necks inside guest windows, hoping to get a retreat. Tourists in Kenya can book the hotel for a night or as part of their Kenyan safari.

Activities at the Giraffe Manor

The main activities offered at the hotel include 

  • Afternoon tea with giraffes
  • Breakfast with giraffes
  • A stroll to the giraffe center
  • Arranged tours to adopt an elephant at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The prices at the Giraffe Manor range from $1700 to $4300 daily, depending on the room size and activities. 

14. SASSAAB Lodge in Samburu

Sassaab is a luxury-tented lodge in the Samburu National Reserve. The lodge blends Swahili and Moroccan architecture and has nine canvas-sided rooms measuring 100m2. The lodge offers breathtaking views of the Laikipia Plateau, which directly overlooks Kenya’s highest mountain. 

It is also strategically located above the river, making it easy to see elephants bathe and play in the water. Apart from exceptional hospitality, the lodge offers breathtaking game drives in the Westgate conservancy. Luxury tourists can also opt for an Air safari to see Kenya’s wildest geographical features.

Activities offered at the Sassaab lodge 

Apart from wild game drives, the Sassaab lodge also offers activities for children, such as camel adventure and swimming. Other activities are

  • Heli or air safari
  • Quad bike riding
  • Swimming
  • A walking safari
  • Camel safaris
  • Bush breakfast
  • Sundowners

A stay at the Sassaab lodge will cost $2,000 – $7,500 daily, depending on the season and activity. 

15. Solio Lodge

Solio is known for its exquisite cuisine, incredible outdoor adventures, and numerous rhino encounters. Ther luxury camp is home to more than 200 white and black rhinos that live in the Solio conservancy. The lodge is also known for its culinary journeys that range from small biting, chili jars, bush breakfasts, and naturally spiced food.

Solio lodge has plenty of experiences to offer tourists in Kenya. For example, you can sip a cocktail while enjoying the company of giraffes. Similarly, you can explore the peaks of the Aberdare mountains and later relax with a warm, soft massage.

Activities offered at Solio lodge

The lodge offers the following experiences

  • Nature walk with giraffes and rhinos
  • Bird viewing
  • Cookout bush breakfasts
  • Morning game drives
  • Game cycling
  • Spa treatment
  • Sundowners
  • Private helicopter safari
  • Horse riding towards Mt Kenya
  • Yoga with the giraffes
  • Rhino picnic
  • A visit to a local soap factory

Solio lodges charge $3500 – $8,000 depending on the activity, season, and cottage type.

A luxury safari in Kenya is all about experience, glamour, exotic food, comfort, and privacy. Tourists should choose a lodge that fulfills their desires. For example, stay at the Solio lodge if you prefer privacy, bird viewing, luxury, and spending time with rhinos and Girrafess.

If your safari is within Nairobi, you can consider a luxury hotel like Giraffe Manor. Get in touch for a luxury experience for you and your family. Our local tour guides will create a custom-made safari you will always remember.

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