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Chyulu Hills National Park – Green Hills of Africa

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Today, we begin our safari to one of Kenya’s hidden gems, the Chyulu Hills National Park. This hidden gem is referred to as the Green Hills of Africa!

This is because it is full of green volcanic peaks that command attention. These green hills offer an extraordinary experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Imagine standing on rolling green hills gazing across the vast, untouched wilderness. Tourists who have visited this hidden gem can lay testimony to how the hills relax the soul.

The Chyulu hills have pure, crisp air that carries ancient tales of how this wonderland was formed. The hills are home to montane forests, vibrant vegetation, hidden bamboo thickets, exotic birds, and wildlife like elephants. 

When you take a safari to Chyulu Hills, you will understand the indomitable spirit of the volcanic landscape. You will get a glimpse of ancient lava caves and discover underground springs and the mysteries of the earth.

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Chyulu Hills National Park – The Green Hills of Africa

Chyulu hills are regarded as the green hills of Africa because of the endless green of verdant rolling hills. The hills stretch as far as your eyes can see. 

This national park has a size of 741 sq. km and sits at an altitude of 1500 -2160m above sea level. Chyulu Hills can be visited all year round between 6 am and 7 pm. It is also open during public holidays.

It is important to note that visitors are not allowed entry on foot and must always be inside their vehicles. 

What to Take With You

You do not have to worry much about what to carry for your luxury escapes africa safari because we will cover the essentials. We will provide bottled drinking water from reputable global brands and camping equipment if you prefer to camp for a day or two.

Tourists visiting the park should carry their preferred sunscreen, a torch, and binoculars. 

What is the Importance of Chyulu Hills National Park?

Apart from its beauty, the Chyulu Hills National Park is important because it is a great example of how the Earth was formed. Chyulu has numerous craters and ash cones formed during the violent days when the earth was still identifying its path.

Another reason why the hills are important is that they are an important corridor for elephants that move between the Tsavo National Park and Amboseli Game Reserve.

Where is the Park Located?

Chyulu Hills National Park was established in 1983 on 100-kilometre volcanic land. The hills are 200 kilometers south of Nairobi, and the nearest town is Voi and Tsavo.

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Animals Found In Chyulu Hills Kenya

animals at chyulu hills kenya

The hills are mostly home to large mammals such as elephants, elands and giraffes. The hills also have leopards, giant forest frogs, black rhinos, zebras, wildebeests, bushbucks, and buffalos. Once in a while, you will also find bush pigs, reedbucks, and insects

The hills are also home to reptiles such as monitor lizards, the rock python, the puff adder, and the black mamba. We have also spotted predators such as cheetahs. The hills are a good place to visit if you are a bird enthusiast because the area has more than 300 bird species. The species include local and migratory birds native to Europe and North Africa.  

Chyulu Hills Attractions and Activities

One of the main things to do at the national park is game viewing.

Game Viewing at Chyulu Hills Park

The hills are a corridor for migratory elephants and other animals such as buffalos, black rhinos, and wildebeest. These wildebeest migrate from between the Amboseli National Park and Tsavo.

The best time to go on a game drive safari is in the morning. The animals have not yet hid to shield themselves from the scorching sun. 

The time to visit Chyulu Hills is during the dry season, from January to March and June to October.

Wedding at Chyulu Hills National Park

A Wedding ceremony at chyulu hills park

Chyulu Hills is a good place for adventure-loving couples to have a wedding. Imagine exchanging vows beneath the majestic gaze of the Chyulu Hills, with swaying golden grasslands stretching as far as the eye can see.

The crisp mountain air carries the sweet scent of acacia trees, and vibrant birdlife provides a natural serenade. As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues, you celebrate your union under a canopy of stars, millions strong. It’s an intimate moment amidst raw beauty, etched forever in your memory.

Bird Watching at Chyulu Park

The park has more than 300 bird species, mostly found on Lake Jipe. The birds include colorful species such as the tambourine dove, Gray heron, African harrier hawk, helmeted guinea fowl, scaly francolin, great egret, Eurasian nightjar, alpine swift, and the black crake.

Horseback Safari in Chyulu Hills

Horseback riding is a fun and eco-friendly way of exploring the Chyulu Hills National Park. It also provides a more intimate and safe way of interacting with nature. In addition, horses make it easy to access areas of the Hills that vehicles cannot access.

Horse riding also makes it easy to spot animals such as cheetahs, giraffes, leopards, and wildebeest. This is a safe activity, as you will be escorted by trained guides throughout the safari.

 Bush Walks and Cave Exploration in Chyulu National Park

The park has designated areas where tourists can go for a bush walk and explore ancient caves. The designated areas include trails that pass through a series of vegetation covers. The vegetation consists of plant species such as acacia trees and orchids.

The trails will lead you to underground caves in the park. The most famous cave is the Levithan Cave. The Leviathan cave was first discovered in 1975, and it is the longest and deepest lava tube cave in Africa, measuring 11.5km. It is on the park’s edge near the Nyiri Desert in Tsavo West National Park.

Camping at Chyulu Hills National Park

Camping is a fun way to spend the night and waste time away while having an intimate conversation with your partner. Campers are offered wood for a bonfire, toiletries, a shower area, and a kitchen to cook. Campers can have a chef prefer their food if they want to avoid cooking. 

Tourists who want to spend a night or two in the area without camping can decide to stay in a luxury lodge. The lodges are found outside the park and offer spectacular views of the wild. The main lodges in the area are:

  • Ol Donyo Lodge 
  • Campi Ya Kanzi

Chyulu Hills Lodge

The main Chyulu Hills lodge is Ol Donyo Lodge. 

Ol Donyo Lodge Chyulu Hills

Luxury Ol Donyo lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge is located on a Maasai-owned group ranch known as Mbirikani. The Mbirikani ranch is 110,000 hectares, located between the Amboseli and Tsavo National Park. The ranch borders Chyulu Hills National Park.

This Chyulu Hills Lodge is perched on a hillside, giving tourists in Kenya a spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro {The highest mountain in Africa} and the savannah below.

The Ol Donyo Lodge has eight deluxe pool suites and one two-bedroom family suite. The suits are ideal for honeymooners, multi-generational groups, and families with kids. 

So, what makes Ol Donyo Lodge a good place to visit?

For starters, it has a wide variety of activities for you to engage in. One popular activity is horseback riding. Imagine riding a horse in the African savanna, surrounded by elephants and giraffes. This is an experience of a lifetime. If you do not know how to ride a horse, do not worry because there is a guide who will show you how.

Another popular activity is hiking or mountain biking in the wild. There are designated trails that tourists can use to ensure they do not get lost. In addition, you will always have a tour guide from Ol Donyo Lodge with you. 

Before you leave Ol Donyo Chyulu Hills, go for a cultural visit and experience life with the Maasai community. While at the Maasai village, tourists can enjoy a traditional life, understand the nomadic culture, buy some crafts, and taste traditional food. 

All the suites at Ol Donyo Lodge have private plunge pools and an eco-thatched roof that blends well with the environment.

Accommodation at Ol Donyo Lodge Chyulu Hills 

Ol Donyo Lodge has 8 Deluxe pool suites and a two-bedroom Sambu Suite. Each suite has a tea/coffee station, majestic views of Mount Kilimanjaro, and a waterhole. The suites are constructed of gunite, and each bed has a netting to protect the occupants from wild insects.

Sambu Suites has a fireplace, and if you are a honeymooner, we recommend using the Asali or Impia suite.

The en-suite bathroom has a flush loo and an indoor and outdoor shower. All visitors have hot and cold running water, and the Ol Donyo Lodge will provide eco-hair dryers, lotion, conditioners, soap, and shampoo.

A four-day Chyulu Hills safari at the Ol Donyo Lodge will cost around $4,000. You can learn more about this safari by reading this Chyulu Hills Safari itinerary.

In Conclusion, Chyulu Hills National Park is a good place to visit when on an African Safari in Kenya. You will appreciate the green hills of Africa and the beauty of the world. Book your Chyulu Hills safari with Luxuryescapetours today and create a memorable experience for you and your family.

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