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Entim Mara Camp- The Place to be at the Maasai Mara

If you are planning a Maasai Mara safari, you need to know where to stay. Security needs to be your number one priority. One of the best places to stay at the Maasai Mara National Park is Entim Mara Camp.

Entim Mara is not just your ordinary camp. It is where tourists can feel safe and secure while witnessing the most incredible show on earth: The wildebeest migration. This safari camp is situated in a prime area. Its prime location along the mara makes this hotel worth the price.

What is Unique About Entim Mara Camp?

entim mara verandah

The most unique thing about Entim Mara is its proximity to a wildebeest river crossing site. Most tourists don’t know this, but wildebeests can stay on the banks of a river for days before they get the courage to cross it. Imagine driving for 30 minutes to see a crossing, but it does not happen.

If you stay at Entim Mara camp, you do not have to worry about this because the camp overlooks the Mara River. If the wildebeests decide to cross early in the morning, you will witness this spectacle from the comfort of your camp.

Apart from being near a river crossing, Entim Mara Kenya is 10 minutes away from a major wildebeest crossing site. This is important because thousands of tourists will try to get the best viewing site during the peak season of July – October.

While visitors from other camps will have to wake up early, Visitors at Entim Mara will always get a better viewing site because they are closer to the migration point.

Wildebeest Crossing Points Near Entim Mara Camp Kenya

Maasai Mara wildbeest crossing

There is no one main crossing point in the Maasai Mara National Park, as it is a vast park. However, some key areas within the national park exist where wildebeest herds like to concentrate and attempt to cross the river.

Visitors at Entim Mara Camp can access various major wildebeest crossing points, one being the Mara River crossing point.

Mara River Crossing Point

The Mara River crossing point is 7 kilometers from Entim Mara camp. We have been able to identify the exact distance by using Google Maps. This is approximately 20 minutes using a 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser.

The Mara River Crossing point is at the northern boundary of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The crossing is known worldwide for being the most dramatic and dangerous crossing site in all of the Mara. Furthermore, the Mara River crossing is home to gigantic Nile crocodiles, treacherous currents, and steep banks.

KMara Crossing

Another popular wildebeest crossing site is Kmara. However, from Entim Sidai, the crossing is 38.5 kilometers. This means by car it will take you 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Despite its distance from Entim Mara, the drive is worth it.

Kmara Crossing Point is located on the northern boundary of the Maasai Mara National Park, and it is known for its lush green banks and clear waters. This is in contrast to the dusty plains that the river passes through.

The Kmara crossing is also a place of drama and danger. Only 25% of wildbeest that attempt to cross the Kmara section make it alive! The river is full of monstrous crocodiles that terrify the wildebeests.

Double Crossing

From Entim Mara Camp Kenya, it will take 20 minutes to reach Double Crossing because it is only 7 kilometers away.

The location is known as Double-Crossing because wildebeest herds try to cross the river twice. This is due to several factors, one of them being spooked by predators. They can cross the Mara River only to find large numbers of leopards and lions on the other side.

Wildebeests can also cross the river twice if they feel undecided about the direction they want to go. Double-crossing creates a unique experience for luxury Masai Mara safari travelers staying at Camp Entim.

Red Crossing

The Red Crossing point is located on the Masai Mara National Reserve’s Southwest corner and is 5.7 kilometers away from Entim Camp.

It is located in the southwestern corner of the Maasai Mara National Reserve and is known as a Red Crossing because the banks of the Mara have distinctive red-hued soil banks. The red soil creates a dramatic and intense atmosphere during the crossing.

At this crossing, you will realize that the wildebeests don’t just blindly cross the river. They will wait for others to test the waters first to decide if it’s safe to use. Those who jump in first will try to confuse the crocodiles by changing their direction mid-stream.

Unlike other wildebeest crossings in the Mara, only 20% of those that jump in the river make it alive.

Activities Offered by Entim Mara Camp Kenya

Hot air ballon safari

Entim Mara Camp Kenya is where you can relax and enjoy all the luxuries of the Maasai Mara National Park. The camp provides numerous activities to its visitors, including Air Balloon safaris, a friendly atmosphere and fine dining.

1. Hot Air Balloon Safaris

An air balloon safari at Entim Mara Camp Kenya will cost around $450 per person. This is an extraordinary Masai mara experience because you get a 360 view of the entire Masai mara while on a big floating balloon. The view from above is unparalleled, and the memories are unforgettable.

What is it like to go on an Entim Mara Camp balloon safari?

For starters, you must know that the best time to go for the balloon safari is early morning. You must wake up at 5 am and reach the launchpad at 6 am. While at the launch pad, Entim Mara Camp will ensure you are warm by providing hot coffee or tea.

As you enjoy your morning tea, you will see the balloon come to life and begin to inflate with gas. You will then hop into the basket, and the pilot will briefly brief you before taking off.

The balloon will begin to rise immediately, and the sun’s rays will begin to strike the savannah grasslands of the Masai Mara.

The best time to enjoy an air balloon ride at Entim camp is during the wildebeest migration in July – October. This is the most spectacular event in Africa and the world!

The pilot will try to fly as low as possible to ensure you get the best shots of the wildlife below. The balloon ride will last for approximately 60 minutes.

2. Maasai Village Visit

A visit to Camp Entim cannot be complete without visiting a Maasai Village. The Maasai people are a nilotic ethnic group inhabiting parts of Kenya, Tanzania, and the great lakes region. The Maasai speak the Maa language, and they are known all over the world for maintaining their culture and traditional wear.

According to a 2019 census, the Maasai community is numbered to be around 1.189 million. They are the most iconic tribe group in the world.

Camp Entim Kenya will ensure you see traditional Maasai structures known as Manyattas. The traditional structures are made using a mix of mud, sticks, and cow dung.

Entim Mara Kenya will also ensure you visit the mighty Morans in their natural habitat. For a Maasai boy to become a Moran, they have to go to the  Mara Reserve and hunt a male lion. If they bring the lion’s head to their chief, they become a Moran. Besides their military prowess, the Morans jump so high they can easily win an Olympic competition.

A trip to a Maasai Village costs around $50, depending on the month of the year you are visiting.

3. Bush Breakfast at Entim Mara

Bush breakfast in the wild

A bush breakfast is a breakfast served outdoors in the African savanna. A bush breakfast is an experience that combines delicious foods with amazing scenery. The experience also includes the thrill of being surrounded by wildlife like Zebras and Gazelles.

Entim Mara will ensure they choose a perfect bush breakfast location near a waterhole or a hilltop with a good view of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Food at Entim Mara Kenya consists of continental breakfasts such as bread, cereals, groundnuts, yoghurt, fruits, and tea or coffee. Visitors at the Mara can also enjoy Bush lunch. This is lunch being cooked in the open savannah. The lunch can include either a buffet or a picnic.

4. Game Drives in the Mara

Camp Entime offers morning and afternoon game drives to allow you to explore the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Entim Mara will provide you with an experienced tour guide who will take you to areas they don’t show you on National Geographic.

Morning and night safaris are not the same. They are unique in their ways. For example, a morning safari at Camp Entim is unique because predator animals like leopards and lions are more active. In addition, photographers will prefer morning safaris because the morning light illuminates the landscape, creating a perfect photo opportunity.

Similarly, night game drives at Entim are also unique in that tourists see nocturnal animals, such as hyenas, scavenging for food. It is also an excellent sight to see lions hunting at night. In addition, night game drives have a unique atmosphere thanks to the unique sounds and scents of the savannah night sky.

Lastly, because there are no artificial lights in the Maasai Mara, the stars can be seen in the millions. If you are lucky, you can even see a shooting star, and you make a wish.

5. Sundowner

A Camp Entim experience cannot be complete without having a sundowner. Entim Mara will organize a Sundowner experience 15 minutes away from the camp. The site is known as Entim Hill.

Similarly, other spots can be used for a sundowner experience, including the Oloololo escarpment and Acacia tree stands.

One main advantage of having a Sundowner at Entim Mara Camp is that it is only 15 minutes away, meaning you will not feel rushed to finish your drink. You leave of your own accord!

Accommodation at Entim Mara Camp

Entim Mara boasts 12 newly built en-suite guest rooms with raised wooden decks overlooking the mighty Mara Reserve.

Entim tents are decorated with earth tones that create a perfect blend with nature. Each tent has ample storage space, a bedside lamp, curtains over the windows, and a comfortable bed. In addition, Camp Entim also boasts en-suite bathrooms. Each bathroom has a luxurious single-vessel sink, a mirror, a flush toilet, and a towel rack.

In addition, it is essential to mention that the luxurious tents at Camp Entim have a private veranda that boasts safari-style chairs. There is also a small table that you can use to read a book or do some work on your laptop.

Other general amenities that you will find at Entim Mara are:

  • 24- hour security
  • Hot water
  • A Campfire
  • A bar
  • Mosquito nets

From the comfort of your verandah, you can see various types of animals like elephants, lions, hyenas, and hippos.

Entim Mara has a private wing for tourists who prefer exclusivity.

Entim Costs

The costs will vary depending on several factors, such as the season and preferred activities. However, we have created this breakdown cost as a guide and only applies to tourists visiting in 2024.

  • Accommodation costs at Entim Mara: $700 – $1000 per person sharing
  • Exclusive use of the Safari Vehicle: $400  a day
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari: $450 per person
  • Late Departure fees for guests, including lunch: $120 per person

Entime Mara Closes on  11/04/24 – 31/05/24 for renovations. Terms and conditions apply.

For an unforgettable Maasai Mara safari, contact one of our local tour guides to plan your safari. We will pick you up in a luxury SUV and fly you to Camp Entim from Nairobi or Mombasa. Alternatively, you can decide to go on a road trip through Nakuru. Contact Luxury Escape Tours to plan your luxury safari and make your African dream trip a reality.

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